Restaurants in The Palm

Enjoy your stay in Palm Jumeirah: the top 5 best restaurants to enjoy during your next trip here!

We’ve worked from home. We’ve shopped from home. We’ve exercised from home. We’ve cooked from home. We’ve dined from home. As we slowly, yet excitedly, re-emerge from our homes and head out to enjoy the world again, there’s one thing on our mind: fine dining and exquisite cuisines. And there’s nothing quite so exciting as the thought of fine dining in the Palm. 

Palatable experiences are a great way to relax and truly enjoy your vacation and there’s an abundance of restaurants in Palm Jumeirah that should take pride of place on your food bucket list! We’re dreaming of creamy plates of pasta, spicy falafel, exciting seafood, delicious desserts, and sensational drinks in one of the most beautiful locations in the world. 

So let’s give you a taste of what you can expect for your next visit to Palm Jumeirah – follow along as we list the five best restaurants on the Palm. Whatever tickles your taste buds, there is something for everyone – Italian, Mediterranean, Indian, Lebanese, you name it, the Palm’s got it!

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Let’s explore the best the Palm has to offer!

The top 5 best restaurants in the Palm


Follow your cravings: If you’re in the mood for a slice of pizza, a bowl of pasta, or another traditional Italian dish, Cinque is the name of the game! With their mouth-watering menu, Cinque promises an unforgettable gastronomical experience. 

Cheese, tomatoes, and seafood are only a small selection of the ingredients found on their authentic Italian menu. Enjoy a selection of unique cocktails in their outdoor seating area overlooking FIVE Palm Jumeirah’s social pool – you’ll leave feeling on cloud nine, that’s for sure.

See where we’re going with this? Well, there’s nothing like a good ol’ Italian meal, infused with luxury and topped off with parmesan aged to perfection, of course. Try it for yourself, the next time you’re here!


Mosaic patterns and magical arch walls set the scene for an authentic Lebanese experience. Crispy, fresh, and full of flavor are three ways to describe Ayamna’s Lebanese-inspired menu. With divine combinations and great attention to detail, you’ll have an interdimensional taste experience when visiting Ayamna. Their menu is beyond words – try it for yourself and you’ll see exactly what we’re talking about. 

If you want to enjoy their traditional mezze outside, their lantern-lit outdoor space is the right fit for you. We guarantee you’ll leave feeling like the perfect combination of full but still hungry for more!


There is something for everyone here. Looking for a cool place with a calm, neutral interior and great tasting food? Maybe you’re heading out for breakfast, lunch, dinner, or drinks?

Enter: BLVD On One. The place for socializing over a savory meal. With a melt-in-your-mouth menu, you’ll leave with a satisfied stomach and a big smile. 


Cumin, cardamom, and coriander are only a few of the many sensory-tickling spices that Amala’s Indian kitchen offers. A cozy, authentic space, with dark wood ceilings and large round pillars to the mosaic tile floors, Amala is filled with Indian influences that are intertwined with luxury.

If you prefer to dine outside, then Amala’s terrace is the spot for you! On the terrace, you can enjoy colorful food in a setting that’s closer to nature. There’s truly nothing quite like it.


Plaj provides palatable, beach-side luxury at its finest. The perfect combination of relaxed and refined, you’ll enjoy your three-course meal under the shade of an umbrella with a salty breeze teasingly caressing your skin. 

Pair this splendid setting with a perfectly cooked Mediterranean gourmet dish for an experience you shall never forget! With a varied menu, Plaj has something to suit everyone, vegans and vegetarians included. 

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No trip to the Palm is complete without a visit to one of these five wonderful restaurants. Whether you opt for a traditional fine dining experience at Cinque or the Mediteranean delights of Plaj’s beachside abode, you’re in for a taste-tantalizing treat during your stay in Palm Jumeirah. 

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