Best things to do on Palm Jumeirah Dubai

Stretching proudly into the Persian Gulf, this cluster of manmade islands increases the shoreline by over 300 miles. It combines into an artistic display that resembles a famous palm tree-like structure recognized worldwide as Palm Jumeirah.

Built through land reclamation whereby sand was dredged from the ocean floors of the Persian and Arabian Gulf to be deposited into this detailed shape using GPS Satellites and Vibro-compaction. 

This artificial island paradise is a dream destination and offers the ultimate luxury holiday where you can choose to relax and recuperate or pack your itineraries to the brim. We’re offering a helping hand by rounding up our favorite things to do in Palm Jumeirah Dubai on your next visit.

Atlantis Water Park 

Atlantis is a must-visit and feels like the heart of this beach utopia. Offering marine life encounters, fine dining experiences, and spa sanctuaries, you can keep your days slow yet busy with the endless relaxing activities they have on offer. My favorite for families is the award-winning waterpark – Aquaventure. It’s the world’s largest waterpark which will have you enjoying a private beach, raging rapids, and even the opportunity to float in the water next to sharks! Toddlers can learn about marine life from one of our trained experts, while the older kids can brave the world’s tallest waterslide. 


For all the adrenaline junkies who want to see this extraordinary manmade mass first hand, then skydiving is a perfect choice. Take off in a small plane where you will summit high above the resort, soaking up stunning views of this endless coastline and sparkling waters. Then catch a closer glimpse as you take a leap of faith out of the aircraft and freefall 10,000 feet. Feel like you are flying as you fall closer to earth before the tug of your parachute returns you to safety, letting you float down and embrace the breathtaking seascapes.


Take advantage of the 520km of extra shoreline Palm Jumeirah brings by spending a day by the sea! You cannot come here without taking advantage of the vast stretches of sea surrounded beaches. Embrace the waves, watersports, and beach walk for an action-packed day of outdoor adventure. Saddle a jet ski and zip across endless ocean roads, racing your friends and showing off your skills. Take to the sky for parasailing and float over this architectural masterpiece allowing you to truly appreciate its brilliance. Or keep active with a relaxing paddleboarding session that will challenge your core and balance. 

Boozy brunch 

Boozy brunches are a true rite of passage here, so you’ll want to get one booked in early. The Penthouse offers a particularly glamorous experience hosting their rooftop poolside masquerade evening brunch every Thursday from 7:30. Here you can enjoy your selected 3-course menu of fresh prepared Japanese dishes paired with live DJ’s and specialty crafted cocktails, all from the sky! Relax among the clouds as you sip on cocktails by the pool, laughing away as you make memories and watch the blazing sun melt into the horizon.